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At Popular50, we love YouTube. It provides a great way to keep oneself updated about breaking news & happening events around the world. But once we started subscribing to over 50 channels, our YouTube homepage became irrelevant and cluttered. From news to dog videos, everything was on our home page without categorization. We simply missed lots of videos which we expected YouTube to display in the front page. Eventually, it seemed a burden to stay updated on YouTube. As a solution to keep video more interest-based, we tried using YouTube trends but categorization and country selection wasn’t as simple and fun as it should have been.

Therefore, we created Popular50. We dedicated ourselves in providing relevant and trending videos based on countries and categories. Currently we are present in 104 countries and 15 categories with the trending list updating every second. You can also share videos with your friends and family on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Reddit. Popular50 is completely ad-free, meaning - no annoying ads playing prior to any videos.

We also help YouTube channels by providing this powerful data to optimise videos for ending up as trending & viral content.

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